With the new collections Scala 55 and Scala 100 you can create fascinating floor concepts. The Armstrong designers have specifically chosen an inspiring range of colours for the collection, all of which can be combined to create unique looks.

Four famous architects designed all together six shop layouts with the collection Scala 55/100 for Armstrong.

moysig retail design - HiFi-Shop
The spatial concept of this hi-fi shop is defined by simple elements that are further emphasized by particular colours and arrangements. The eye-catching floor is composed of planks with varying design effects.

Ippolito Fleitz - Optician
In our design plans for the optician, we wanted to highlight the floor as a central element in the interior concept. Here we created a collage of textile-inspired and metallic surfaces, in order to clearly separate the consultation islands from the circulation zones.

Prof Moths Architekten - Men's Fashion
A successful concept is always one where the space is able to tell the customer a story that he perceives and appreciates with all his senses. A crucial element in this men’s fashion shop concept was the front cut wood flooring itself.

moysig retail design - Business Fashion
The fashion shop design concept is in summary about reinterpreting well-known standards with fresh colours and slightly irritating elements.

Ippolito Fleitz - Cosmetics Shop
In the retail layout cosmetics, the floors provide important visual accents through their colours, material looks and geometric forms. The materials should reflect nature as much as possible.

atelier 522 - Accessories Shop
A collage should emerge from the different materials and graphic possibilities. Our concept makes targeted use of different flooring patterns in different zones of the sales area.